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Jeanne Cassiers, founder of AMJane, a creative design agency focused on impact.


I am Jeanne Cassiers, the founder of AMJane. I'm a Belgium-based freelance graphic designer and overall artist specialising in anything involving both words and design - editorial, web, branding. I have both a business degree from my time trying to fit into the corporate world, and am a certified graphic designer.

After a career in communications & operations and having worked with large creative agencies, I came to a few realisations. 1) Creative agencies charge a lot of money, for many good reasons (overheads, talent, ...). 2) So many impactful SMEs have a powerful story but lack the funds to tell it in a bright and impactful way. 3) I love discovering different stories and taking on various projects.

So, I decided to take the route of impact and follow my passion for environmental & social projects. And that's how AMJane was born. In my work, I aim to u both a graphic eye and business acumen to offer creative services in line with real, current customer needs.

But enough about me! Check out my work and the wonderful clients who trusted me with their stories instead :)

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