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AMJane is founded on two principles: a passion for design & communication, and the drive to help impactful companies access such services at an affordable price. Clients of AMJane represent our own values: driven to create a positive impact on their surrounding communities.

Branding & Graphic design | Communication
Editorial design of a financial company's annual report, KOIS

Impactful design,

for impactful content

KOIS’ mission is aimed at impact. Impact in the finance community, impact on the world, impact for the communities they work in. And their impact report is the ultimate yearly document to translate that impact.

Copywriting and layouting the report was with this in mind. The result is a document that captures attention, inspires the readers and is atteignable to everyone.

Branding & Graphic design

rg invest brand book cover

A modern & warm identity

for a local real estate brand

After 4 years of existence, RG Invest needed to redefine its visual identity to match its brand: a high-quality, close to the client, full service real estate firm.

Over the course of a month, AMJane distilled the brand’s values into a new modern and warm identity.

"I particularly appreciated AMJane's reactivity & seriousness, not to mention, of course, the talent which has given my company a superb logo and a brand book corresponding perfectly with the values we put forward."

Mathieu Rompteau, Managing Director of RG Invest

Web design

Golegal website redesign and user experience cover right facing final

A digital presence

for an historically

analog service

GOlegal, as a scale-up, has taken on a major challenge: revolutionizing the way we access legal services.

In 2020, after 5 years of existence, GOlegal needed a complete redesign of their website. To not only improve customer experience, but represent what they are selling: an easy, current and yet professional legal experience for all.

"GOlegal is delighted to benefit from the services of AMJane. Far more than just providing cutting edge services, AMJane was a driving force of proposal to translate our vision into online identity and perception!"
- Donatien Cassiers, Managing Director of GOlegal

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We specialize in 3 areas



AMJane takes in your brand’s
personality to define your own style.

→ Brand identity creation 

→ Brand assets

→ Editorial design


Web & App design

Experienced in digital customer journeys, AMJane brings your brand to the digital world.

→ Web & app interface design 

→ Web & app development 
(in collaboration with Embie)

→ User experience redesign



AMJane has experience in global strategies,
with a reputation and digital focus

→ Coms/Marketing plan & strategy

→Presentation design & storytelling

→ Copywriting

At AMJane, work only stops when the client is happy

Je tiens à remercier AMJane pour l’excellent travail réalisé pour RG INVEST. J’ai particulièrement apprécié sa réactivité et son sérieux, sans parler, bien entendu, de son talent qui a donné à ma société un superbe logo et une charte graphique qui correspond parfaitement aux valeurs que nous mettons en avant.

Mathieu Rompteau

Managing Director, RG Invest

GOlegal is delighted to benefit from the services from AMJaneAMJane delivered insightful advising and top level deliverables in terms of web design, copywriting and online UX/user experience. Far more than just offering cutting edge services, AMJane was a driving force of proposal to translate our vision into online identity and perception!
Donatien Cassiers

Managing Director, GOlegal

We had the pleasure to work with AMJane for the creation of NNORM’s first business presentation. AMJane was extremely efficient and proactive in her approach. At first, we didn’t really know how to craft our vision, our services and how to present NNORM to potential customers. AMJane, who is a clear expert in her field, quickly guided us and with just a handful of information from our part, she was able to craft an incredible and very professional-looking presentation in little to no time!

Eleni Jacobs

Co-Founder, NNORM

Aside from making the presentation, AMJane proved to be a reliable partner in other things such as giving us tips & tricks on colors, ppt usage etc. To sum things up: AMJane will continuously exceed your expectations and will go the extra mile to meet your needs. Her very broad expertise will help you with everything that is internal and external communication related in its broadest sense.

Jill Van Gavere

Co-Founder, NNORM

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    Let's make your brand a priority. Reach out!

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