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eDock – a a fast-moving micro-mobility start-up

Web design


Compay Name: eDock
Date: March 2020

eDock is a startup in the world of micro-mobility. They provide electric scooters and bike charging stations, for free, accross your city.

In March 2020, eDock was in fast need of a landing page, to be able to present when meeting potential customers and investors and collect end users feedback. Over the course of a week-end, I delivered a landing page fitted to eDock’s objectives and identity.

Designing eDock’s landing page, for a fresh, young feel.

eDock is a Belgian start-up, focusing on enabling micro-mobility in cities. In March 2020, eDock needed a landing page that reflected their mindset: agile, quick-to-grasp, and modern.

With a short timeline so the website would be ready for important investor meetings, I designed eDock’s original landing page. eDock had a logo as unique identity, giving me a lot of freedom in designing their first landing page. From color schemes, to overall feeling, I worked with eDock’s founder to design a website fitted to their purpose and objectives.

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Tools & Technologies used

The website is set-up using WordPress, with some CSS and HTML integrations. This offers the client an easy interface to make minor edits to their site and add new content as they go along.

AMJANE also took care of the domain transfer and set-up on eDock’s own server. All IT work is done in partnership with IT experts, Embie.


christophe peeters founder of edock a client of amjane
bastien van wylick founder of edock a client of amjane
sebastien peeters founder of edock a client of amjane

Client is king!

So what did the founders of eDock think of our collaboration?

We were delighted to work with AMJane and Embie on eDock’s landing page. Our timing was extremely tight and they managed to deliver an awesome design based on a short briefing. Their accessibility and very rapid response permit to meet our deadlines and their creativity pleased us. We can only recommend their work.

Christophe Peeters, Bastien Van Wylick and Sébastien Peeters
Founders of eDock

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