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KOIS’ 2019 Impact Report – Designing an inspiring document, from layout to content


Compay Name: KOIS
Date: April 2020

KOIS is an impact finance firm, for whom I head all external communications since February 2020. In April 2020, KOIS published its second Impact Report, the impact finance world’s version of an Annual report.

In the scope of my role, I fully layouted the report, as well as structuring and copywriting the content.  

Impactful design,
for impactful content

KOIS’ mission is aimed at impact. Impact in the finance community, impact on the world, impact for the communities they work in. And their impact report is the ultimate yearly document to translate that impact. It is used for online publishing and print purposes, to disclose the possibilities of impact finance to as many as possible.

Copywriting and layouting the report had to be done with this in mind. The result had to be a document that captures attention, inspires the readers and is atteignable to everyone. From cover to end, AMJane worked with the teams to translate their impact in this report. Check out some of the visual below!

Want your document to be designed and copywrited with impact? 

Tools & technologies used

The report was layouted using Adobe InDesign. The layout was done with both online publishing and print in mind, following the necessary guideline for both.

Some of the image editing also required the use of Adobe Photoshop.

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