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KOIS – designing & copywriting for impact

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Compay Name: KOIS
Date: Feb. 2020 – present

KOIS is an impact finance firm, for whom I head all external communications since February 2020.

As part of my job, I namely redesigned their whole website. All content on the website, such as in the news section, is copywrited by me in collaboration with the different teams. As the external communications manager, I also take care of the communication strategy and company’s growing social networks.

Designing & copywriting a new website with an impact focus

KOIS is an impact finance firm. That means, their website had to be designed with impact.

Throughout the site, the challenge was finding balance between addressing their various stakeholder groups: from private investors, to corporations, to non-profits, to the communities impacted.

As a niche domain, KOIS’ website also aims. tobe attractive and accessible to newcomers in the finance world.

Want your site to be designed and copywrited with impact? 

Tools & Technologies used

The website is set-up using WordPress, with some CSS and HTML integrations. This offers the client an easy interface to make minor edits to their site and add new content as they go along.

AMJANE also took care of the domain transfer and set-up on KOIS’ own server. All IT work is done in partnership with IT experts, Embie.


The Results

AMJANE puts results at the heart of its communication strategy. For KOIS, over the course of the first month, sites visits, unique visitors and subscribers went drastically up. This is due to extensive SEO strategy, quality content posting and a paired social media strategy.


Increase in visits


Increase IN unique visitors


Increase in post views


increase in shares

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