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NNORM – a brand new template & corporate presentation design

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Compay Name: NNORM
Date: March 2020

NNORM is a startup for whom I designed a personalized powerpoint template, color palette, as well as their corporate presentation.

For their presentation, I also provided the storyline and several communication coaching tips.

Designing a brand new template, for a brand new company.

NNORM is a coaching start-up aiming to create safe teams environments in all companies. To pitch their business to new clients, they needed an impactful and convincing corporate presentation and storyline.

Moreover, NNORM wished to have a personal presentation template showcasing their originality and experience. AMJane took on the challenge and designed a one of a kind presentation, fitted to NNORM’s image, along with a corporate presentation and storyline.

Need an impactful presentation and storyline?

Photo of Eleni Jacobs, co-founder of Nnorm

Client is king!

So what did the founders of NNORM think of our collaboration?

We had the pleasure to work with Jeanne for the creation of NNORM’s first business presentation. Jeanne was extremely efficient and proactive in her approach. At first, we didn’t really know how to craft our vision, our services and how to present NNORM to potential customers. Jeanne, who is a clear expert in her field, quickly guided us and with just a handful of information from our part, she was able to craft an incredible and very professional-looking presentation in little to no time! Besides making the presentation, she proved to be a reliable partner in other things such as giving us tips & tricks on colors, ppt usage etc.

To sum things up: Jeanne will continuously exceed your expectations and will go the extra mile to meet your needs. Her very broad expertise will help you with everything that is internal and external communication related in its broadest sense.

Jill Van Gavere & Eleni Jacobs

Founders of NNORM

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