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RG Invest – Brand identity creation for a full-service real estate firm

Branding | Graphic design | Presentation design


Compay Name: RG Invest
Date: July 2020

RG Invest is a full service enterprise real estate firm serving the French & Belgian market.

In 2020, RG Invest was in need of a full redesign to modernize its branding. AMJane provided a complete brand book, along with new colours, rework of the existing logo, and various applications: from business cards, to letterheads, to presentations and real estate for sale signs.

Designing a modern & warm identity for a high quality real estate brand.

After 4 years of existence, RG Invest needed to redefine its visual identity to match its brand: a high-quality, close to the client, full service real estate firm. This implied designing a brand book, including a modernization of the existing logo, new colors and brand guidelines.

On top of this, RG Invest engaged AMJane to design its essentials: from letterheads, to general documents, presentations, business cards, for sale signs, and social media pictures. Over the course of a month, AMJane distilled the brand’s values into a new modern and warm identity, which you can catch a glimpse of on this page.

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Tools & Technologies used

All design work is done using the Adobe suite, and following the typical exporting guidelines for printing purposes. AMJane provides a comprehensive delivery, along with typical exports such as PDFs and vector document for printers. 

For the scope of this project, AMJane also worked in google suite, to design RG Invest’s document & presentation templates directly in google documents.


Mathieu Rompteau founder of RG invest, a client of AMJane

Client is king!

So what did the founder of RG Invest think of our collaboration?

I would like to thank AMJane for the excellent work done for RG INVEST. I particularly appreciated her reactivity and seriousness, not to mention, of course, the talent which has given my company a superb logo and a brand book corresponding perfectly with the values we put forward.


Mathieu Rompteau

Founder of RG Invest 

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