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Tous Ensemble handicap – an all round strategy and identity creation

Communication strategy | Presentation design | Social Media marketing | Storytelling


Compay Name: Tous Ensemble handicap
Date: February 2020 – present

Tous Ensemble Handicap is a non-profit for which I’m designing the whole communication strategy. While they are currently not communicating much publicly, I’ve helped create their visual identity such as its logo and general description.

Behind the public eye, AMJANE also developed its presentation & storyline for investment purposes. I am also working on their funding applications.

Designing a simple logo and presentation, to attract funding and create a first identity.

Tous Ensemble handicap is a non-profit organisation aiming to offer an answer to the shortage of centres for adults with disabilities in Brussels.

As part of their first steps in the public eye, Tous Ensemble needed a simple logo, conveying the idea of unity and cooperation. Tous Ensemble also wanted a first color palette, with a fresh and energetic look. 

Finally, as a growing non-profit, AMJANE helped Tous Ensemble in designing their first presentation and storyline, to serve mainly in their search for funding.

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