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A modern & warm identity for a local real estate brand


E. RG Invest branding

A modern & warm identity for a local real estate brand

RG Invest seeks to offer a unique service in the real estate sector of Brussels. A warm service, a listening ear and helping the client from the beginning of its search to its move. After 4 years of existence, RG Invest needed to redefine its visual identity to adapt it to its brand: a high quality real estate company, close to the client and offering a complete service. This involved the design of a graphic charter, including a modernization of the existing logo, new colors and brand guidelines.

In addition, RG Invest hired AMJane to design its essential elements: letterheads, general documents, sample presentations, business cards, ‘for sale’ signs and social media images. During one month, AMJane distilled the values of RG Invest into a new modern and warm identity, which you can peek at on this page.

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