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Web design to promote rewilding & forest conservation

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G. Forêt & Naturalité

Web design to promote rewilding & forest conservation

Forêt & Naturalité is a non-profit based in Belgium, but active throughout Europe to promote naturalness, rewilding and the conservation & ecological management of forests. Their old website was still hosted for free on a .wordpress.com system, and they wanted to give a fresh look to their activities. A dream project for AMJane, who's passionate about forest conservation as well! To attract their international audience, the web design also had to be available in 3 languages.

Over the course of a few weeks, we collaborated with the non-profit's team to design a website that was not only beautiful and easy to go through, but manageable for the team to keep up with minimal fees. The event and blog system is simple and the Forêt & Naturalité's team also benefitted from coaching, so they are now full masters of their website's destiny.

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