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AMJane is a design agency putting design at the service of impact.
I take your already great story, and give it dimension - through an identity, digital life or editorial projects. I work with local & international clients, and love getting to know projects from around the world. Together, let's give impact a new dimension: one of beautiful, lasting, emotion-inducing visuals.

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I offer one-off, à la carte or subscription services in branding, web design & editorial design.
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Consumers expect more and more from brands these days. They want to feel like a part of your story, they want to belong. They seek purpose and amazement and freedom all at the same time. Your branding needs to tell your users who you are, in a simple, accessible, meaningful and lasting manner. But branding goes beyond an impactful name and logo. It is your colors, your patterns, it's merch that your biggest fans will wear proudly because you've made them a member of your team, It's business cards, but re-thought to fit in the digital age.

create with me
→ Logo & brand book design
→ Brand applications (merch, patterns, packaging, ...)
→ Brand assets (business cards, templates, roll-ups, ...)

Digital design

Let's be honest, who carries business cards anymore? At the very least, they're not enough. Because if I meet you, what I'll remember is your brand name. And then I'll google you, and what pops up is what will build my image of your brand. Being online is a must today, but being represented accurately online is key. And while, as you can tell, I love bold design and bright colors, I'll make sure your online presence represents your brand.

create with me
→ Website design from zero to live
→ A website you can edit and maintain yourself
→ Online identity creation (social media images, ...)

editorial design

Ah the joy of print design! As you'll discover if you dig deeper, I love words. And so, the art of mixing words and design is a great passion of mine. However, editorial (or print design) is taking on a new form. While people still print - flyers, brochures, reports (there's power in having a physical product in someone's hand or home!), editorial products need to be adapted for both digital and physical life these days. I take that into account in every project, along with ensuring the reader is guided through your document effortlessly.

create with me
→ Editorial & layout design (brochures, flyers, annual reports, ...)
→ French & English copywriting support

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À la carte

Do you have specific mission in mind? Do you need a one-time freelancer? Or you just want to test a collaboration? This is for you. The more services purchased, the more advantageous!
At your service!

Brand identity

→ Logo & brand book design
→ Brand applications (merch, patterns, packaging, ...)
→ Brand assets (business cards, templates, roll-ups, ...)

Digital design

→ Website design from zero to live
→ A website or webshop you can maintain yourself
→ Website edits & updates
→ Online identity creation (social media images, ...)

Editorial design

→ Brochures, flyers, annual reports, ...
→ Editorial & layout design
→ French & English copywriting support

Design retainers

Want to ensure a consistent long term design identity? Subscribe to my services for a certain number of months. During these, you can request any design task from me, up to the number of hours in your package.
Keyword: Flexibility!


5 hours per month
70€ per hour (350€/mo)
min. 3 months


15 hours per month
60€ per hour (900€/mo)
min. 3months
10% yearly discount


10 hours per month
65€ per hour (650€/mo)
min. 3months
5% yearly discount


Are you looking for an external service provider to carry out tasks such as recruitment, ERP setup, Airtable otpimization, ... I may have the talent you're looking for, working on an hourly or sub-contract basis.
Let's talk!


I like to say I have three passions: writing, designing and... Organization. I ran the operations of an 80+ people company spread over 13 countries. From setting up your first or tenth ERP (Airtable, Odoo) to helping you restructure, there's nothing I can't make sense off!

HR consulting

I support companies in recruiting locally & internationally, setting up internal HR procedures, training plans and more. I won't let my background as an HR & Operations Lead for an international company go to waste!


Here are a few things I've done in the past:
→ CSR strategy definition workshops
→ Project management
→ Project Financial reporting
→ Marketing & Communication support

*prices are excluding 21% VAT*

Psst: if you're a Brussels-based start-up, you may be eligible for financing from the state for consulting or web design work! Check out the available subsidies and conditions here.

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I'm Jeanne, a designer, writer and artist. I have both a business degree from my time trying to fit into the corporate world, and am a certified graphic designer.

After a career in communications & operations and having worked with large creative agencies, I came to a few realisations.
1) Creative agencies charge a lot of money, for many good reasons (overheads, talent, ...).
2) So many impactful SMEs have a powerful story but lack the funds to tell it in a bright and impactful way.
3) I love discovering different stories and taking on various projects.

So, I decided to take the route of impact and follow my passion for environmental & social projects. And that's how AMJane was born. In my work, I aim to bring both a graphic eye and business acumen to offer creative services in line with real, current customer needs.

But enough about me! Check out my work and the wonderful clients who trusted me with their stories instead :)

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I'm a writer :) And for that purpose, I have a sister website called janeinafewwords.

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I share way too much of my life online. But maybe you'll like it!

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Drawing is how I first got into art. I like to mix in typography, since spilled ink is another passion of mine.

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