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A logo for the Brussels Urban Agriculture federation


L2. Fedeau logo

A logo for the Brussels Urban Agriculture federation

As we started on the logo process, we wanted to keep a semi-illustrative route, using modern and simple symbols that represented the spirit of FedeAU. We looked at key components of their advocacy: the members, the agriculture, the urban world. These components were then used to create three distinct logos, of which two were explored further. One with a symbolic and specific look, and one that was more versatile and easier to evolve in the long run.

In the end, the FedeAU decided to take the more versatile logo, as it would serve their purpose more on the longer term. We thus created a series of variations and badges, that render the logo easy to use on any sized or colored surface. The result is a striking logo, that will be the base of their branding online - another project they trusted AMJane with.

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