JUN. 23


When the sun feeds both your crops and the grid

JUN. 23



Galliasol is a new venture trying to develop the concept of solar farm. Never heard of it? It's simple: they reach out to land owner and offer to double the purpose of their fields. Whether the fields are occupied by crops, cattle or unused, Galliasol then evaluates how to place solar panels without disturbing the original use of the land. Win-win! And I was glad to support the team in the branding process from start (finding a name) to finish (having a full-fledged brand book).

Simplified branding inspired by earth tones

The Galliasol team aspires to radiate simplicity. Because they take care of the process for their clients from start to finish, and provide a straightforward service. Thus, we worked together to create a branding inspired by nature's lines (a stream going through fields is the inspiration behind this logo!), the colours found in their client's environments but with added saturation to keep the energy up, and a typography that can be multi-purpose. How did I do?

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Galliasol brandingGalliasol brandingGalliasol branding

What the client thought

Very good experience in creating branding and a website for a new project. Pragmatic “no-nonsense” approach, flexible and attentive to our needs.

Constantin Delhaute

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