MAY. 2023


Bright & bold branding for a feminist group

MAY. 2023



The Wellnest is the largest girl friend group of Belgium, and a NGO focused on creating bonds between women. Whether you need advice, new friends or a business partner, you'll find it within the Wellnest. It's apolitical, and Aline, its founder, still ensures everyday that the keyword throughout all the Wellnest's platforms & events remains kindness. So revamping their logo & identity, which they have had since their inception over fiver years ago, was no small task. But what a fun one!

Giving a new life to a beloved brand

The Wellnest's mission is to support anyone who identifies partly or fully as a woman in the many stages of their life - whether through finding work or launching their own business, through family & love struggles or anything in between. Thus, the team wanted an identity that was both dynamic and feminine, but also diverse to represent all the people within the Wellnest. They also wanted to keep their logo form, but to modernize it. We catered to their need with a reworked logo, modern typography and bold colour palette which they now use on their website and social media!

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What the client thought

Jeanne, in addition to being an excellent graphic designer and web designer, is a beautiful person with great values. She supported the NGO Wellnest by developing a magnificent website for us as well as having redone our entire brand image. Thank you Jeanne, you rocked everything and thank you for your patience 🙏❤️

Aline Van Roey

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