JUL. 2023

Web design

Supporting the largest women group of Belgium

JUL. 2023

Web design


Designing a journaling inspired, creative and inclusive website for the Wellnest community or, as it's known by its 18 000+ members, the largest girlfriend group of Belgium. Could I have wished for more of a dream client? No. This women powerhouse needed a new website after working with me to revamp their identity into a bold, bright and energetic vibe. And I obliged! It was such a pleasure to work for Aline, the entrepreneur behind this wonderful project.

Bright, funky & inclusive web design

The keyword for this website was: inclusivity. Let's create an environment that everyone, whether girly or not, can get energy from. And yes, it is hard to create a bold design that everyone will like, so we focused on striking a balance between feminine, original and diverse. Through photos, through putting their main colour first but using an array of others and through making the structure clear and easy for everyone to use. We also ensured the website reached accessibility standards. The result? This retro yet modern vibe (because retro is the new modern these days) that is sure to leave you inspired.

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What the client thought

Jeanne, in addition to being an excellent graphic designer and web designer, is a beautiful person with great values. She supported the NGO Wellnest by developing a magnificent website for us as well as having redone our entire brand image. Thank you Jeanne, you rocked everything and thank you for your patience 🙏❤️

Aline Van Roey

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