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I offer one off services in Branding, web design & editorial design.
I also offer design retainers for more long term collaboration.
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Consumers expect more and more from brands these days. They want to feel like a part of your story, they want to belong. They seek purpose and amazement and freedom all at the same time. Your branding needs to tell your users who you are, in a simple, accessible, meaningful and lasting manner. But branding goes beyond an impactful name and logo. It is your colors, your patterns, it's merch that your biggest fans will wear proudly because you've made them a member of your team, It's business cards, but re-thought to fit in the digital age.

Contact me for
→ Logo & brand book design
→ Brand applications (merch, patterns, ...)
→ Brand assets (business cards, templates, ...)

Web design

Let's be honest, who carries business cards anymore? At the very least, they're not enough. Because if I meet you, what I'll remember is your brand name. And then I'll google you, and what pops up is what will build my image of your brand. Being online is a must today, but being represented accurately online is key. And while, as you can tell, I love bold design and bright colors, I'll make sure your website represents your brand.

Contact me for
→ Website design from zero to live
→ A website you can edit and maintain yourself
→ Online identity creation (social media images, ...)


Ah the joy of print design! As you'll discover if you dig deeper, I love words. And so, the art of mixing words and design is a great passion of mine. However, editorial (or print design) is taking on a new form. While people still print - flyers, brochures, reports (there's power in having a physical product in someone's hand or home!), editorial products need to be adapted for both digital and physical life these days. I take that into account in every project, along with ensuring the reader is guided through your document effortlessly.

Contact me for
→ Brochures, flyers, annual reports, ...
→ Editorial & layout design
→ French & English copywriting support


design retainers give you access to my communications & design skills on a flexible basis, at an advantageous price. In short: you purchase a certain number of months. During those months, you get to ask any design based request to me. I'll provide those services for up to the number of hours foreseen in the plan you chose. The keyword: Flexibility!

This enables you to have a long-term relationship with a trusted designer without the employee costs. It will ensure a higher level of consistency & professionalism through all your visuals!

Psst: if you're a belgian start-up, you may be eligible for financing from the state for consulting or web design work! Check out the available subsidies and conditions here.

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